The Girl on the Train – A page turner!

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The Girl on the train was a book that got me back into reading. I have always enjoyed reading books but in the last couple of months I have been in a slump and desperately wanted to change that.

The Girl on the train - A page turner |

I went to France in the summer and I borrowed The Girl on the train by Paula Hawkins from a friend.

Part of my journey was a 4 hour train ride to the south of France. You guessed it! I started reading it on the train since the book is titled the Girl on the train and well I am girl and was on the train LOL.

The Girl on the train

My initial thoughts was ehm okay-ish nothing really captivating about Rachel Watson (main character of the book) who commutes to work every day on the train catches daily glimpses of a seemingly perfect couple, Scott and Megan. But I always try not to judge to quickly and allow myself to read a couple more chapters.

The Girl on the train - A page turner |

It all started getting interesting when Rachel witnessed from the window of the train something shocking in the backyard of the couple’s home. Rachel tells the authorities what she thinks she saw after learning that Megan is now missing and feared dead. *Suspense kicks in*

You can imagine it got very captivating after and I couldn’t put the book down I simply had to find out what happened.

I read every chance I got to the point that my family asked to borrow it after I had finished reading it.

The Girl on the train - A page turner |

I hate spoilers and don’t want to give anything away so I don’t ruin it for you. I believe a movie was made after the book starring Emily Blunt which I have yet to watch. I always like to read the book BEFORE I watch the movie, are you like me?

Needless to say I enjoyed the book and if you are looking for something entertaining and will keep you on your toes then this book is for you.

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Was there a book you started to read and couldn’t put down? Share it in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading my loves x

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