My Daily Vitamin Routine

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My Daily Vitamin Routine |

My Daily Vitamin Routine |

The other day I was chatting to one of my friends who is suffering from a cold. I informed her that alhamdulilah, I can’t remember the last time I had a cold/fever/sore throat, certain that it must be due to the change in my lifestyle.

To her surprise she was shocked to know that I started taking multivitamins and supplements for about a year now.

In our society it is common for kids to take them as due to some of them being a bit picky, so this would ensure that their bodies are getting what it needs to grow.  However, is not common for adults to take them regularly unless the Dr prescribed it for them.

The thing is most of us think that as long as we eat well then we don’t need it.

Well it is true, however how many of us can vouch that we eat a “healthy balanced diet”?

Aha, I didn’t think so

I choose to take multi vitamins because I am certain that I am not getting everything my body needs. You know what they say “it is better to be safe than sorry”.

In addition as a woman not only do I want to feel healthy but look healthy too. Studies have shown that taking vitamin/supplement help achieve the “healthy glow”.

My Daily Vitamin Routine |

My Daily Vitamin Routine

Fish Oil

This particular supplement brings back memories of when my mother would remind my brother and I to take it . We used to hate it but I guess it paid off as I don’t remember us getting sick.

In all honesty I didn’t really know the benefits of this oil simply because when I asked my mum “Mummy, why are we taking this?” she answered “because it is good for you”. So I take it because it is good for me, because my mama said so!

It is well-known that Fish oil is a great source for omega 3 fatty acids which is derived from the tissues of oily fish. Taking this supplement regularly helps by

  • Supporting healthy cholesterol levels
  • Boosting your mood
  • Helping to maintain strong bones


I won’t go through the whole list of vitamins and its benefits but overall I take it to ensure that my body gets everything it needs to be and stay healthy. Should I get sick in the future, it won’t be because I neglected to look after my body.

Evening Primrose Oil

I recently started taking evening primrose oil after finding out that it is a rich source of an omega 6 fatty acid called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).

In addition to everything that GLA benefits the body like supporting hormonal balance. I was sold on the fact it helps with the symptoms of PMS. Apparently the breast tenderness, acne, depression, water retention is often due to not getting enough GLA. So off I went to the pharmacy and got me some and things have been much better since..

Read more about the benefits of this oil here

NOTE: You don’t have to take any supplements if you don’t feel you need to, but should you wish to do so kindly consult your Doctor before you start taking any.

Do you take any vitamins? If so which ones? and have you noticed a significant changes in your body?

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