Quick Guide on How I Store and Organise My Scarves

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June 28, 2017
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Quick Guide on How I Store and Organise My Scarves | thesewist.me

For years I have struggled to find a system that works when it came to storing my scarves.

I have finally found one that works for me and decided to share a quick guide one how I store and organise my scarves.

Quick Guide on How I Store and Organise My Scarves | thesewist.me

How to find a system that works for you

The key to find a system that works is to first only keep scarves that you actually wear not keep over 50 scarves in all shades when you know that you only stick to a few colours.

I speak from experience I used to think that I NEEDED to have scarves in every colour of the rainbow, so you can imagine how many scarves I had. Having so many scarves will ultimately be a problem to store especially if you don’t have space to store them.

1. Sort out your scarves

This is the first way to ensure that you only keep what you wear as opposed to what you need, we always think that we need more that what we have. When in reality we don’t need that much to live. The one thing I found that there were perks to it, apart from the fact that it was easier to organise them but display it in such a way that you actually see what you have in one place!

2. Find a storage that you can stick to

The first rule of organising is that “everything should should have a dedicated space”. I have an Ikea PAX storage system and use their metal basket to organise my scarves.  I have two types of drawers in the picture below,see how the metal baskets allows me to see the scarves as opposed to the one above it.

In addition I get to see what I have without having to pull it all out, I also prefer the wire basket because it allows the scarves to breath and there is something about having them displayed like that which makes me smile.

Quick Guide on How I Store and Organise My Scarves | thesewist.me

3. Organise, Organise and Organise

I find that rolling my scarves works for me but by you all means you can can stack them, fold them roll them the choice is yours.

As long as it is functional and works for you, because that is what is important.

I shared the tutorial of how I roll my scarves up click the video below to watch the tutorial.

Does it last?

The secret to make this or any other storage system work is to be disciplined to putting things back.

You simply have to get into the habit of keeping things as neat and as you can.  I find that putting things away as soon as I come back home is what works for me, I am happy to report that so far this system has worked wonders for me.

Quick Guide on How I Store and Organise My Scarves | thesewist.me

Do you store you scarves the same way I do? or do you stack them instead?

Have any tips to share when it comes to storing scarves?

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  1. Suhaila says:

    Hello dear,

    I really liked you scarves storing system, it reminds me of the system that i have been using in organizing my closet in KonMari way by Marie Kondo which she wrote 2 books about ( The life changing magic of tidying up and Spark joy)
    i would highly commend you to read her books and i hope it will help you the way it help me 🙂


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