My Eid Outfit – Eid Il Fitir

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May 27, 2017
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Eid Mubarak Everyone!

I hope that you had a wonderful Eid il fitr and may Allah accept your fasting and your supplications, amen.

Just like every did as much as I enjoy everything that it brings I tend to enjoy the challenge for getting dolled up for the occasion. I say challenge, because you would recall from when I got real with you about my struggle on dressing modestly post on the one titled modesty on social media  yes to this day the struggle continues.

My style is chic and simple, I don’t tend to want to make a fashion statement just to be happy and comfortable in my choice.

You might have seen a couple of pictures that I shared on instagram so I  wanted to share more pictures of my jalabiya aka kaftan.

My Eid Outfit - Eid Il Fitir | The Sewist

Last minute eid shopping

I usually tend to do the girls and I shopping outfits before ramadhan starts as I can’t stand the last-minute shoppers! However this eid I joined the crowd although I had found a cape that I intended to wear but it was too simple for eid. So the last day of ramadhan (told you it was last-minute) I decided to stop by bahja complex to buy some makeup items and after getting what I needed I decided to take a stroll in the shops on the 1st floor.

There are many clothes shops and it had been a while since I went there so didn’t realise that news shops had opened. I walked into Malaak Boutique and spotted this jalabiya, my heart was set.

This kaftan is so me, the simplicity and the attention to the detail on the beaded work which was on both side of the dress is beautiful. Its dainty and isn’t overpowering. I initially wanted the sky blue one but the sleeves were too short (tall girl problems) so tried the lime green one and it was a perfect fit!

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My Eid Outfit - Eid Il Fitir | The Sewist

Just look at the details…

My Eid Outfit - Eid Il Fitir | The Sewist

My Eid Outfit - Eid Il Fitir | The Sewist

Outfit details:

Kaftan by Malaak Boutique

Henna by Henna Lounge

Necklace by Swarovski

Clutch from Namitas

Photographer: Hadeel my 11 year old daughter

Ladies I am curious to know how do you usually decide on your did outfits? and most important where do you shop for your clothes?

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  1. Aditi Dube says:

    no matter how much you make a mind that you will stop shopping, but once you find a nice outfit you forget all the things and buy one. The embroidery is in fashion right now. A perfect color combination gives you perfect look for festive season.

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