Your Value Is Not In Your Looks

Advice from a Perfectionist |
Advice from a Perfectionist
April 3, 2017
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May 17, 2017
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Your Value Is Not Your Looks |

Is it only me or has makeup and fashion seems to be dominating the social media scene?

Your Value Is Not Your Looks |

Superficial Beauty

I should probably warn you that this is a rant, if you follow my snap chat account  then you know what this is going to be about.

Honestly I am fed up of seeing the majority of women constantly teaching us how to “look good”, it’s like we are our only purpose in this life is to look beautiful. What pressure are we putting ourselves in and most importantly what message are we sending to our daughters?

It seems that the outer beauty is clearly dominating the inner beauty, while anyone with common sense will realize that beauty lies deep within us. Even Allah subhanu wa tala will not judge just for the way we look but we will be judged for our actions.

Can you see the relation between the two? Its a sign but you have to look really carefully to see it…
As women we are expected to learn how to take care of our beauty but clearly it shouldn’t be our ONLY focus in our life.

Lets talk about things that matter

As a Muslim woman I choose to be on social media to be a role model, to represent my Muslim sisters. As an Omani woman living in the Middle East who speaks English fluently, who wears the hijab I feel it is my duty to continue representing being a woman and talking about topics that might not be popular but are so vital to living a fulfilled life as Muslim in the world that we live in today.

I share more of this in my video below


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    great content. keep up the good work

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    Love it!

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