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February 5, 2017
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I am announcing it to officially I am totally in love with Rose Jam  shower gel by Lush.

To the point that I look forward to my having my shower for the smell. It’s a fusion of roses and vanilla if  and I am to describe it in a scene I would be sipping vanilla tea in a garden of roses after a rainy day!


You probably remember seeing it in my post Lush Muscat’s first birthday

Lately I seem to be having a thing for roses as my last review was for English Rose. Must keep a mental note that the next review does not contain anything related to roses or flower for that matter!

Rose Jam Shower Gel

The Scent This is by far one of my favorite scent from Lush I think they perfect the combination of rose, vanilla, and citrus. In addition to it smelling amazing it lasts on my skin for hours after showering. Which I don’t mind, because it smells delicious.

The Consistency it is a gel consistency and a little goes a long way, it lathers quite well and I always end up putting more than I need.

The Price considering it is only a shower, the one pictured above is 500 g costs 20.200 RO and for 1 liter 35 RO

Not available all year round since it is a limited edition and it comes in several sizes the travel size, 500g and 1 litre

My expectations since it contains argan oil I would have liked for it to be bit more moisturizing.  However Lush do sell a body conditioner the RO’s argan body conditioner which also contains roses. Using it together with Rose Jam is the perfect way to end your shower.

Rose Jam Shower gel is currently available in Muscat City Center but only until the end of February 2017. After that you will have to wait until they put them out again as part of their limited edition.

Having said all of that I have already stocked up because smelling like roses to me makes me happy and sometimes its the little things that make all the difference!

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