Happy Birthday Lush Muscat

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Happy Birthday Lush!

Around this time last year Lush opened its first store in Oman it is located in Muscat City Centre. You can’t imagine how happy I am that they are in Oman as I used to have to stock up on my favourite products from Dubai.

On Thursday I was invited to celebrate with Lush Muscat and boy do they know how to throw a party!

Happy Birthday Lush Muscat | thesewist.me

Happy Birthday Lush Muscat | thesewist.me

Well let me share with you 5 reasons why I love Lush

1-It’s Fresh and Handmade

Happy Birthday Lush Muscat | thesewist.me

Need I say more? I am a big fan of natural ingredients and you’ll often find me preparing a face or a hair mask from ingredients found in my kitchen! So having a brand that promotes naturally ingredients has won me as a customer.

Did you know that Lush has a strict policy against animal test and support fair trade and community trade initiatives!

2- They’ve Got You Covered

Happy Birthday Lush Muscat | thesewist.me

Happy Birthday Lush Muscat | thesewist.me

Love the range of products which are fresh produced and handmade <3 they have skin care, hair care and make up. In addition to that making you feel pampered with their bath bombs, bubble bars, shower rubs to scrubs and gels.

3- Their Products Smell Sooo Good


You can smell a Lush store miles away! Here is a funny story back in 1996 I was in one of the shopping malls in London and as soon as i walked in the place smelled amazing and I simply couldn’t figure out what it was. I followed the scent until it lend me to Lush and it has been history ever since!

4- The Products Do Exactly What They Say They’ll Do

Happy Birthday Lush Muscat | thesewist.me

I have been a lush customer for a long time and one thing i noticed is that their products don’t over promise you things, if it says it will your skin then expect it to do just that. However always ensure that buy something that suits your skin type.

5- Friendliest Staff EVER!

If companies want to learn how to deal with customers then they should take a lesson or two from Lush! Honestly every time I walk in I am greeted with the biggest smile which brightens my day! Not only are they super friendly but know the products like the back of their hand and use them on themselves and can give you feedback.

Check out Mish’s tips on how to apply face moisturizer

Thank you Angie, and Lush Muscat for inviting me to celebrate with you I had so much fun and I honestly love your products. See you again very soon 🙂

Happy Birthday Lush Muscat | thesewist.me


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Lush MENA Website Instagram Facebook Youtube

*Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post the views are my own simply because I love LUSH

Do you use lush? If so, what are you favourite Lush products? 

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