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September 27, 2016
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November 5, 2016
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Why I think age is nothing but a number |

Isn’t age merely a number?

I am honestly interested to find out people’s views on this matter. Many get shocked when I tell them I am 35 years old, apparently I don’t look that old (which I take as a compliment) but the point I want to make I am not offended or ashamed to say how old I am.

How am I supposed to look like? what does my age look like?

Age is nothing more than a number

Will never forget how offended a woman got when someone has asked her old she is. Surely it can’t be that rude to ask how long you have been alive?!

I feel media has brainwashed women into thinking that they have to look a certain age (which I am still trying to figure out what that age is). The fact is that we can’t stop growing or getting older as this is the process of life.

So for this month’s issue of Y Magazine I am sharing my views on Age being nothing but a number

Why I think age is nothing but a number |

PDF of article Y Magazine Issue 438

Honestly as years go by I am simply thankful to Allah to be alive another day to be a better human being, why should I be ashamed of it?

I am curious to know your thoughts on this…

How do you feel about getting older? Do you get offended when someone asks you how old you are?

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