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Paul Summer Drinks |

Paul’s Summer drinks are just what you need to cope with summer, as nothing beats the summer heat like a cool refreshing drink!

I was invited by Paul to try out their Summer Drinks menu which launched last month.

They came out with 2 flavoured waters and 3 mojitos and guess who got to try them all? ME!

Orange Strawberry Flavored Water

This is the first one I tried and if I were to pick one word to describe it would be refreshing! The orange wasn’t over powering and the combination of the strawberry and mint was just right.

(Ingredients: Flavoured water with fresh strawberries, orange and mint) Price 2.100 RO

Paul Summer Drinks |

I love strawberries so after I finished my water I asked for a spoon so I could eat them.

Paul Summer Drinks |

Lemon Mint Flavored Water

Was happy to see that they had this on their menu as lemon infused water has many health benefits. I found the lemon to be quite strong for my taste. However, I am sure that it would go well others who love lemon.

(Ingredients: Flavoured water with lemon and fresh mint) Price 2.100 RO

Paul Summer Drinks |

You want to know the secret behind Paul’s flavored water….

they use Evian water to prepare their flavored water drinks

and the water is infused in the fruits for 24 hours and once you place your order they extract the water, add fresh fruits and serve it to you.

Green Apple Mojito

This is a popular one at Paul, it seems that the team at Paul took the word refreshing and made sure to include it in every of their drinks! Imagine yourself  sipping this mojito by the pool, under the hot sun see what I mean?! Refreshing!

(Ingredients: Fresh apple slices, green apple syrup, fresh mint leaves, wild mint syrup, soda and lime wedge) Price 2.500 RO
Paul Summer Drinks |

Blackberry Mojito

If you love berries then this one is for you. At the first sip you are hit with taste of blackberry, it is sweet and the touch of lemon with mint blends in well with the blackberries.

(Ingredients: Fresh blackberries, blackberry syrup, fresh mint, soda and lime wedge) Price 2.500 RO

Paul Summer Drinks |

Passion Fruit Mojito

Saving the best of last, the passion fruit mojito is my favorite!

The combination of passionfruit with the other flavours is magical! I loved getting the passion fruit seeds as i sipped my drink typing this makes me crave for one now!

(Ingredients: Fresh passion fruit, passion fruit puree, wild mint syrup, fresh mint, soda and lime wedge) Price 2.500 RO

Paul Summer Drinks |

Have you tasted any of Paul’s summer drinks? If so which one was your favourite?

Paul Summer Drinks |

If you haven’t they you can still head to either one of their branches either in Muscat City Center or Muscat Grand Mall. The menu will be available until 30th September 2016.

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