5 Things My Daughters Taught Me About Life

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June 16, 2016
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5 Things My Daughters Taught me about Life thesewist.me

As a parent it is our duty to teach our children right from wrong and instill in them our values with the aim of them having a fulfilling life.

However I never thought that my daughters would be the ones doing the teaching.

Being a mother has taught me more about life than I expected.

5 Things My Daughters Taught Me About Life | thesewist.me


Love comes is many forms (the love of parent, a sibling, of a friend and of a spouse etc) but nothing prepared me for the love that my daughters gave me or the love that I felt for them.

The term “unconditional love” is something I never quite understood until I became a mother. The love I have for my kids is one without conditions, I simply love them for who they are, the fact that the are my children is sufficient. As for the kids, that is the first kind of love that they experience, the love of their parents.


Enjoying the moment

Seeing how fast my children are growing up,  I can’t believe Hadeel is going to be 11 in Sept ma sha Allah and Dania is 8 1/2  makes me realize that every moment I spend with them is to be enjoyed.  In a split second our lives can change forever, might as well enjoy the moments we have together because who knows how long we have each other for.

5 Things My Daughters Taught Me About Life | thesewist.me
Beautiful moments were captured by Rosie Gabrielle Photography

Have fun and be silly!

My daughters taught me that there is no harm in being silly sometimes and having a little fun. Who says that adults cant have fun! I learned to let go of my inner child who simply wants to make silly faces or noises and join my kids in the fun!

Becoming a better person

It is common knowledge that children learn a lot from their parents to the extent that their personalities and lifestyle is highly affected by what they are exposed to as children. Knowing that I bare the responsibilities of  shaping my childrens’ future has  made me want to become a better parent and a better person.

I am blessed

No matter what hardships I may face in life, having my children has made me realize how blessed I am to be a parent. I am who I am today because of them, alhamdulilah. The fact of the matter is that someone, somewhere is wishing for what you have. Our lives might not be perfect but the truth of the matter is life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

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