Removing The Stigma of Divorce

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June 10, 2016
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June 22, 2016
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Isn’t Divorce hard enough?

I guess most of you wouldn’t know since you either are happily married or are still single.

Well take it from me, is ugly it’s painful and it’s hard and I pray that none of you ever  have to experience it.

I have been very vocal about this “taboo” topic, last month I posted this post Marriage Advice from a Divorced Woman and have made several videos on this matter.

Why you might ask?

The Stigma

What if I were to tell you that people who get divorced in the Middle East, feel alienated by society?

I share my thoughts on this week’s issue of Y Magazine 
The Stigma of Divorce Y ISSUE 425

Read the full article in PDF or read it below

Our society is not very accepting of women who have been divorced. This makes it tough for them to get on in everyday situations that married people may take for granted. It’s a form of social suicide, the label divorce is one that is feared by many. Some women would rather continue in an unduly difficult relationship than to end a marriage for fear of what people will say.

I was shocked after watching a video on youtube where several men were asked if they would marry a divorced woman and most of them refused. How awful for someone to judge a person by their social status. This is not even judging a book by its cover it goes beyond that, it’s it judging by the title!

Women, just as men, are entitled to be happy in a marriage. This reality is, that society is easier on men than on women when it comes to divorce.

Marriage is a personal issue however, when it ends it seems to become a public matter and you become the talk of town. A person shouldn’t have to suffer because their marriage has ended nor should they not be given a 2nd chance at having a rewarding marriage.
Here is a message that I would like to dedicate to anyone who is divorced or knows someone who is going through it: “You are not your divorce. You are an amazing person with a lot to give. Leave the past where it belongs, in the past. Focus on yourself and be positive for the future which you can shape. Have faith that things will work out in the end because just like everyone else you are entitled to be happy”

Would love to hear your thoughts on what this matter.

I honestly feel its time for a change,  don’t you?

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  1. Cat Carter says:

    I think a number of men will say that not because they look down on the divorcee so much as fear that these women will have a better grasp of male shenanigans than a single gal who’s never been married. They know that these women had the nerve to get out of unacceptible situations so the men would have to actually grow up some if they want to be the husband!

    • The Sewist says:

      That’s so true, I had never thought of it!
      If that’s the case then I am glad that they stay away from us “divorced women” as we don’t have time to waste with men who are not serious about having us in their lives.

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