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Ramadhan Make the Most of it | thesewist.me

Ramadhan is one of my favourite months of the hijri year.

It is a month where muslims all over the world fast from dawn to sunset, although the biggest change in our lives is that we refrain from eating or drinking from dawn to sunset but that is not the main purpose of this month.

Personally I find this month is more of  a spiritual journey of worship commitment and self discipline. The beauty of this month is that it combines both spiritual and social aspects of life.

During this blessed month of Ramadhan I am honoured to have been asked to share my thoughts in Oman’s leading English newspaper Oman Daily Observer.

Making the most of Ramadhan

My my article was published this morning and it’s about making the most of Ramadhan.

Ramadhan Make the Most of it | thesewist.me

“Ramadhan is here and I feel blessed to be alive to witness this beautiful month of mercy that Allah has bestowed upon Muslims.

A month that has witnessed many historic events in Islam. It is in the month of ramadhan that the Quran was revealed, the battle of Badr took place, and it is in this blessed month is when the keys of the City of Makah were handed over to the Muslims.

Ramadhan is a month filled with blessings and mercy however, not all those who witness it will reap its benefits. “Before the reward there must be labour. You plant before you harvest and you sow in tears before you reap joy.” We have to realise that we will only get as much as we give. It is the simple rule of life and it also applies to our faith.

There are many who observe fast but they get nothing except hunger and thirst. Many will wake up during the night to perform the nightly prayers but gain nothing but sleepless nights. Your benefits depend on two things; your intentions and dedication.  One should start thinking how to make make the most of this blessed month. Ramadhan is not meant to discipline you physically but it is meant for you to recharge your soul.

I was recently listening to a lecture where the Shaikh explained that in order to communicate with your soul one has to discipline the body. Similar to fasting, the hunger you feel is physical but we only feel grateful knowing that we will be getting a meal once the sun sets and it also serves as a reminder that we are blessed. We wouldn’t have come to that realisation had we not felt hunger hence the connection to the soul.

Consider this a 30 day spiritual boot camp, a time to get rid of the old habits and implementing news ones with the intention of continuing it for the rest of your life. The biggest mistake when it comes to ramadhan is preparing late or worse not preparing at all.

At the end of each Ramadan many of us find ourselves in engrossed in regret wishing that we had achieved the goals we had set out to do, wishing we had done better.

I still remember the feeling I had last ramadhan, I was sad that once again I did not accomplish what I had inteded to do. I promised myself that if i lived to the next ramadhan I would do better. It is a familiar feeling that I am faced with every year but by Allah’s will this year I know it is going to be different in sha Allah.

This year I seem to have a different outlook on Ramadhan , for some reason I always felt that 30 days was long but I am sure you will all agree that these days simply fly by. Time is of essence and every day counts.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” therefore in order to avoid the feeling of self disappointed, I have written my goals for this month with the aim of being committed to accomplishing them by the end of ramadhan.

Don’t let ramadhan pass by this year without reaping it’s benefits because there is no guarantee that you will be here next year..”

Oman Observer 10th June 2016

I hope that you will indeed make the most of this blessed month and may Allah accept your fasting, your supplications and your prayers.

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