My Translation Skills

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April 22, 2016
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My Translation Skills |

Since I speak 4 languages I thought of putting my translation skills to the test!

Back in 2012 I uploaded a video of me speaking 4 languages (English, Arabic, French and Swahili) but I didn’t actually translate what I said (it needed too much brain activity!)

The Idea

Many of you enjoyed it so thought of doing another one but wanted to do it differently so I had the following conversation with my self “OK Mayya time for a challenge, re-make the I speak 4 languages video but this time translate exactly what you are saying!” “Oh and try to keep it in focus this time

I might end up making a fool of myself but hey I will do anything to make my subscribers laugh! (Yes, I love you that much!).


I would love to learn Spanish next, how many languages do you speak?

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