How to Love and Be Loved in Return

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How to Love and Be Loved in Return - The 5 Love Languages |

How to Love and Be Loved in Return - The 5 Love Languages |

Who knew that love had languages?

I certainly didn’t.

They are 5 according to Dr Gray Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages.

I decided to read this book after it was recommended by Amena who mentioned it in one of her videos. I believe each and every one of us wants to love and be loved.

We meet someone and think (yeah, he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with) everything is perfect. You get married everything is perfect, honeymoon was beautiful as the two of you felt so “connected” and you are now living together. Things might still be perfect and everything you had imagined  it to be like but very soon things will start to change and you suddenly don’t recognize the person who’ve you married.

So what are the 5  love languages?

This book literally opened my eyes on what it means to feel loved in a relationship, apparently we each have a love language our “Primary love language” as referred to in the book that is to how we feel loved.

The 5 emotional love languages are:

1 Words of affirmation

2 Quality Time

3 Receiving Gifts

4 Acts of Service

5 Physical Touch

Since we have different personalities it is only natural that we will have different love languages. It is essential that you discover your love language and that of your spouse. You can do that by taking this quiz. (I tried to link the quiz found on Dr Gary’s website but couldn’t access the website)

How to Love and Be Loved in Return - The 5 Love Languages |

How to Love and Be Loved in Return - The 5 Love Languages |


Once you have figured out yours and your partners now comes the interesting part of speaking each other’s love language.

In the book Dr Gary says that one of the keys to a happy marriage is to have a “full love tank”. That can only happen if you feel loved by your partner and he/she feels loved by you.

What I learned in this book is that it gives you the tools to love a person they way they want to be loved, isn’t that beautiful?

I loved this quote in his book “Love is something you do for someone else, not something you do for yourself

If you both speak each other love languages then there is no stopping the two of you!

Having recently blogged about why I love using the Mama and me journal to communicate with my daughters .

If you are married and feel that you and your spouse are not connecting get this book read it together, I guarantee you will get “A-ha” moments and before you know it love is the language spoken in your home in sha Allah.

Its the perfect gift for newly weds with hopes that their love tanks always remain full!

In other words I recommend this book to everyone who wants to love and be loved in return.

I took the quiz and  Quality Time turns out to be my primary love language, what is yours?

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