7 Reasons Why I started a Mama and Me Journal

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April 1, 2016
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April 5, 2016
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7 Reasons Why I Started a Mama and Me Journal | thesewist.me

7 Reasons Why I started a Mommy and Me Journal | thesewist.me

Starting a Mama & Me journal with my daughters was the best thing I did.

My daughter reminded me yesterday that she is going to be turning 11 this year ma sha Allah.

11… when did that happen?

My youngest daughter turned 8 last January and I look at both of my daughters and think where did the time fly?

I am sure I speak on behalf of all mothers who find that their babies are growing up too fast (way too fast)

As much as I look forward to them growing up and enjoying the journey I want to make sure to capture not only live moments but to be able to capture them in a way that in the future both my daughters and I can look back and re-live them.


Personally I am big on communication, it is in my opinion an important if not THE most important pillar to any relationship. Which is why I absolutely fell in love with the idea of having a Mama & Me Journal which I found on pinterest.

It is simply a journal where you and your child exchange letters (kind of like pen pals) and it can be about anything and everything.  I have 2 daughters I got 2 text books in their favourite colours and printed off the front covers, you can totally personalise it but I wanted to start it asap so I printed mine off from Mama Jenn who also has a tutorial up on what you need to start your own journals.

Of course your child has to be old enough to be able read and write,  by leaving the notebook on their bed and when they write their reply they leave it on bed. They were excited to be able to “write” to me.

7 reasons why i started a Mama and Me journal | thesewist.me

7 reasons why I recommend you start a Mama & Me journal with your child

  1. A way to bond with your child
  2. Will improve writing/handwriting skills
  3. Another means of communicating with your child
  4. Your letters to each other can be “your little secret”
  5. Great keepsake to bring out once they are older
  6. No pressure from either sides to write back
  7. A platform your child can open up about things that he/she might not be comfortable “talking” about

Some might argue that this will be easier to do with girls than boys. I think it doesn’t have much to do with the gender but more to do with their personality. Some children might love writing and sharing stuff and some might not find it “that” exciting and thats okay as we are all different as parents it is our duty to  find other methods of bonding preferably one that your child enjoys.

I am truly enjoying communicating this way with them, will update you on our progress next month.

Do you share a Mama and Me Journal (or something similar) with your child? 

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  1. I love this idea! Communication is so important in every relationship because without it there are so many misunderstandings. Not communicating means you just start to assume things, which can only lead to hurting people and trust issues. I’ll definitely be doing this with my daughter, she’ll be 7 next month Inshallah. She loves to read and write so I think she’ll enjoy it too! Sometimes I like to leave little surprise notes on her bedside or in her lunch box, telling her how special she is to me and they always make her smile. So I know she’ll love this too.

    JK for sharing x

    Nazira | Love Hijab
    | Bloglovin

    • The Sewist says:

      Salam Nazira
      I couldn’t agree with you more communication is super important, its how we communicate if we can’t communicate our thoughts, feelings to each other how will we get along?
      You should totally try this with your daughter I am sure the two of you will have lots to talk about and it might become your favorite means of communicating with her!
      I recognize your name from your message on one of my YouTube videos I am off to check your blog, thanks for stopping by x

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