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December 24, 2018
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Having a productive day in my books translates into making the most of my 24 hours. In other words getting things that I want to do, I NEED to do and stop making excuses.

Means celebrating my wins that I conquered the day!

Would you agree?

3 Tips On How To Be More Productive and Beat Procrastination | thesewist.me

Today I am sharing 3 tips that I do that helps me be productive hopefully will help you too.

Write things down

It’s the oldest tip in the book when it comes to getting things done. Every morning/or evening I write down the things in my bullet journal that I need to accomplish the next day. I find by doing this it puts my mind at ease as it’s out of my mind and on paper. You can use your phone too I just prefer pen and paper but feel free to use whatever method you are comfortable with.

Try it you will be surprised and how effective it is.

Put your phone away

As handy and helpful our phones are but let’s admit that are our biggest distraction. Checking who liked your latest pic on Instagram, or watching your friends latest story is time-consuming.

Turn off your notifications, put your phone on silent (not on vibrate) silent. You don’t want any distraction as you need to FOCUS on what needs to be done.

Block your time

Don’t you find that you are always busy but for some reason haven’t ticked off anything from your to-do list yet.

Does this sound like you?

Yeah, well I am the queen of procrastination not that I am proud of it but hey one has to be real.

I have found that you have to give yourself the time to do it (set a timer if you have to) just get it done. No more excuses!

To combat this I find that time blocking works wonders. I read this post by Jada on how productive time blocking is.

That sums it up my 3 BUT very effective tips on how to be productive.

Do you consider yourself a productive person?How do you stay productive?

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