Its Happiness Happens Month – Happiness is a Choice

August 1, 2018
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September 9, 2018
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Its Happiness Happens Month - Happiness is a Choice |

Now this is my kind of month!

August is the month to recognize and express happiness.

I started off with the TS Inspires Happiness instagram photo challenge If you haven’t joined yet you totally should!

Its Happiness Happens Month - Happiness is a Choice |

Happiness Happens

Do you really believe that?

I do, I believe like everything in life we have choices to make from how we plan our day, what we put in our bodies and as a result it affects how we feel.

Now I know for some it might seem cliche simply because happiness comes naturally to some more than others. I personally choose to be positive and happy because well why not?

What are my other options?

Feeling sad, stressed out, no thank you!

Choosing to be cheerful does not only have a positive impact on my life but on the life of others around me.

Anyway life is too short to live it in a negative state of mind. Wouldn’t you agree?

I know that as much as we want to be happy and positive all the time, there are days where we simply can’t.

It took me a long time to come to terms that, you know what I mean?

To be okay with not being ok knowing that is it completely normal to feel down, to breakdown and cry, to feel like doing absolutely nothing, to have moments of self doubt etc. I mean I kid you not there are  days where I think “WHO AM I?…”

What helps me get through it is knowing that this is only a phase…which shall pass. Stay up and watch netflix while enjoying a piece, or two of chocolate cake.

Happiness, a choice?

Ah ha! that is the question isn’t it?

To test it out I actually tried a little experiment yesterday I woke up and I told myself that I was going to be positive. In other words I was choosing to be happy no matter what. I will not try but I WILL be positive (in sha Allah).

So sum up my day in a nutshell, I woke up late, I didn’t find what I wanted to buy, someone banged into me and then came home to find my daughter not well. If it was any other day, oh my friends, husband would know what a difficult day this was blah blah blah. I would have been so negative and emotionally drained but nah not this time. I am so proud of how I kept my word and remained positive despite the day I had. The thing is because I had decided that I was not going to let ANYTHING get to me then guess what? it didn’t.

Now I have to be REAL with you that is not to say that don’t get upset, or have meltdowns I do but lets just say it doesn’t last for long.

Happiness is an form of expression which differs from one person to another. Meaning that what makes me happy might not nesscairly make you happy. However, I do believe that the way think and the actions we take can change your life.

I enjoyed the article by Michael Feeley on Huffington Post  on his views of happiness being a choice.

Don’t miss episode 13 Happiness is a Choice from my radio show Love Your Life .

You have read my thoughts on the matter, so I ask you the following:

Are you happy? if not do you believe that you can CHOOSE to be happy?

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